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Pirate Blast! Battle for Monkey Island

has come ashore!

Fun, easy to learn, fast playing game you will want to play again and again. 


Looking for an outrageously fun party trivia game?

In Race to Stupid you can out smart the smartie pants with the stupidest answers and win the game! With hundreds of questions, Race to Stupid is sure to be a favorite on any game night. 

Race to Stupid

Race to Stupid Box and Game

Hurry Up!
You need to Prepare!

Prepare! is a family friendly, pandemic inspired card game. Gather as many supply cards as you can. Use Ask, Steal and Draw cards to gather more supplies. The person with the most supplies has enough points to survive and win the game.



Questions for Race to Stupid

Im sure your brain is as full of stupid information too. We’d love to here from here you!

Have a great trivia questions? Share it with us. If we use your question in an expansion pack we will send you one for free.

Outrageously fun stupidity!

Have great trivia questions?

15 + 10 =

What People Are Saying

“I’d play again!!.”

Our cousin Dan

“This game is brilliant. It’s fun no matter if you are playing with your family or having drinking with friends. Highly recommend giving it a try .”

Alex M Hinton

“Son of b%#ch…. I knew that.”


About Us

Meet the masterminds behind Race to Stupid – sisters Cathy Tenaglia and Marie Eckl, collectively referred to by their parents as the Little Darlins.
Race to Stupid Gameplay 4
Race to Stupid Gameplay 4

Creating outrageously fun games is what we at Little Darlins are all about. Whether it’s a family game night or hosting a party, we’ve got you covered. Our games are easy to learn, adaptable, and created to make every game night HILARIOUS!


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