What is Race to Stupid?

Race to Stupid is an outrageously fun party trivia game where you can out smart the smartie pants with the stupidest answers and win the game. Unlike most party games, Race to Stupid puts your knowledge to the test in a hilarious, family-friendly way. 

Multiple Ways to Play

Multi-generations can play Race to Stupid. Use the “easy way”. Youngsters can get points by looking up the answer and the more experienced can get points by knowing a thing or two. Only have two players? Two people can play using the “I only have one friend way”.

Have Fun and Learn

The goal of Race to Stupid is to have so much fun that you didn’t realize you learned something along the way.

Party Trivia Game

Race to Stupid is a party trivia game that can be Rated G for family fun or Rated R for your raunchy friends. It all depends on you!


Race to Stupid


(11 customer reviews)

The outrageously fun party trivia game where everyone can win!

The Future

We are already working on more stupid questions for you.

Keep an eye out for more Stupid Races.

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11 reviews for Race to Stupid

  1. Chris Thalacker

    I bought this at GenCon this year (2023). Of the games I bought, this has been the one played and loved the most. My sister-in-law dislikes most trivia games. She LOVES this one. The trivia is both easy and hard enough to keep the whole family interested. The twist of best wrong answer makes the game amazing.

  2. Michael Newman

    This is a fantastic trivia game. It’s a cross between trivial pursuit and cards against humanity. Perfect for parties, it can be g rated or r rated depending who you are playing with.
    Have played this game several times and each time I am wiping away tears from laughter. I highly recommend!

  3. Emma

    Best trivia game there is so far. Keeps everyone laughing and coming up with new and creative ideas. My friends and I love saying the most stupid things and could not stop laughing. I recommend this to anyone as a gift, to bring to a party and just any event! It’s great

  4. Nicholas Lupoli

    Holy Jesus, love playing this game we’ve never laugh so loud!

  5. Debby Miller

    This game was concocted by my cousins, Cathy & Marie, after playing rounds of boring board games at Christmas time with my family. My boys and I all own the game and ❤️ It. Highly recommend!!

  6. Alex (verified owner)

    This game is awesome. You can have fun with it while you’re having drinks with friends or home for the holidays with your grandparents. Highly recommend!

  7. Alex (verified owner)

    This game is awesome. It’s like a mixture of trivial pursuit and cards against humanity. You can have fun with it while you’re drinking with friends or home for the holidays with your grandparents. Highly recommend!

  8. The Farina’s

    Race to Stupid is a great game for all different groups as the answers can be adjusted to fit what’s appropriate with your particular situation! The made up answers are the best and we always have fun being stupid together!!!

  9. Gina

    Love this game! So many laughs every time we play!!

  10. Tim McElhinny (verified owner)

    Ok this game is a freaking blast!! It’s funny as hell!

  11. dana

    awesome ,love it!!!

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"This game is Brilliant."

“This game is brilliant. It’s fun no matter if you are playing with your family or having drinking with friends. Highly recommend giving it a try .”

– Alex M Hinton


"I'd Play Again"

– Our Cousin Dan


"Son of b%#ch…. I knew that."

– Ray