Pirate Blast! Battle for Monkey Island

Captain your ship as you fight to become the King of Monkey Island. You’ll have to use any and all of the cargo from your ship! Take turns using your Monkey crew to throw everything from cannonballs to bananas at the other ships. Be careful what you throw, though! The enemy ships might be ready to hurl it back at you!

The Battle for Monkey Island Begins!

Pirate Blast! Battle for Monkey Island is the newest release from Race to Stupid Games! Grab your friends and family and get ready to start monkeying around!

Pirate Blast! is now available. Are you ready to captain your ship, sink the others, and rule Monkey Island!?

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  • 3.8-ounce, 100% moisture-wicking polyester
  • Lightweight, roomy, & highly breathable
  • Set-in sleeves
  • Removable tag for comfort
  • Print Method: DIGISOFT™

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